Why Social Distancing Is Currently a Necessity In Every Workspace

During such a turbulent time, we’ve seen many businesses face some of the most challenging problems they’ll endure while operating. From bankruptcy to having to make staff redundant, these are decisions that gravely affect both parties. Safe social distancing measures have been pivotal in returning to the workplace, allowing businesses to set guidelines that offer employees protection and nullify the chance of transmission. 

Following such procedures has granted many workplaces the chance to return to normality but ensuring we follow them will yield the lowest possibility of an infection breakout. The biggest concern is not having distancing measures exercised, which could result in an accelerated outbreak throughout a workspace. 

Research has proven that transmission of bacteria is most likely to occur between humans when they’re within a 6 ft. radius of each other. Companies small to large engage not only with employees but with customers daily which operate as a catalyst for the spread of bacteria. 

Failure to follow safe social distancing measures could result in the complete shutdown of your business operation as employees become sick, and your productivity takes a massive slump. For many businesses that trade directly with a customer, this can be a substantial public relations implication as no one will be visiting while they’re at risk of infection.

Whether you’re running a large manufacturing factory or a humble small bakery, the great saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ truly applies across the board. Social distancing has become a necessity in the workplace to ensure you have a layer of damage control among employees but most importantly, to stop the spread of infection before it starts. 

The safety of employees and customers have become a focus of many businesses, and the application of safe social distancing measures is one of the most efficient ways to protect all parties. 

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