Myzone Unboxing video

At the outbreak of Covid19, PC Medical developed the vision for Myzone KEEP YOUR DISTANCE social distancing device: protecting ourselves and protecting those we care about.

Behind bringing our device to the public is the concept of one small effort we can all easily adopt to help eradicate the Covid19 worldwide, improve public health, and return to our normal routines.

Knowing that there are three elements to rely on to overcome the Corona Virus – HYGIENE, FACEMASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING – we teamed up with the experts at Ichilov (Soraski) Medical Center in Tel Aviv and reservists from IDF Elite Intelligence Units and the Delta Force to develop Myzone – a tool to combat the pandemic.

This simple, yet powerful, social distancing wearable device marks a 2 M / 6 FT perimeter
around you with its laser beam and helps with maintaining a safe buffer from others, serving as an protective utility against the Coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

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